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Lecture 13 Genome browser and genomic sequence analysis

A.) Displaying genomic dataset with UCSC browser

  • UCSC Genome Browser is a popular server for viewing genomic data -- pay attention to select the right genome release. Sign up with the service will allow you to save the analysis sessions and share the results with others. Example
  • Download and install the IGB genome browser, which you can run on your own computer
  • An example of a saved session , which will persist and you can send the link to collaborators

  • B.) How to obtain genomic sequence surrounding your gene?

    * From genome browser - example
    * For gneomes not available in public genome browser - use Fastacmd or your own Pyhon script

    C.) Identifying TF and epigenetic regulator binding sites in the genome

  • Searching for TF binding sites in the DNA sequence using TFsiteScan or PROMO  

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