Links for online resources

Text Editors

For Mac OS: Atom (free), Sublime Text ($), BBedit ($).

For Windows PC: Notepad++ (free), GNU Emacs (free can be installed on MacOS and Linux as well)

Regular Expression information and tutorial ,   A site allow you to test your RE.

Linux Environment

Training videos for using HiPerGator.

There are many online courses for learning basic Linux Command. For instance - .

Python serves as the portal for the community. You can download the latest release from here.

Links to Python for Everyone tutorials.

BioPython has modules for bioinformatics as well as tutorials.

R for statistic computing and graphics

Like Python, R is open source - R-Project is the portal for the community.

R Studio provides an easy programing interface. Worth to give it a try if you are interested in using R.

Bioconductor serves as the portal for libraries pertain to bioinformatics and computation biology.